i never thought a day to rest worthwhile.
see, six aren’t enough to write the world’s equation
and you won’t conceive another option of creation.
dance first dazzling (after you make dance and dazzle and first),
thinking and dropping five basics before recipe includes each.
stars love sea home crash.
from stars find connect-the-dots, soul, legend, blood and birth.
soul + blood = birth of man.
now love makes mess and bricks to the backs
of hairless heads.
sea sustain. drop to drink. drown dented skulls float
home. crash culture, dishes, daddy just hit mommy at the
dinner table, but don’t speak or dessert smears the wall.
how many parentheses does it take to contain?
pages, pens, playful layers of fractals?
every cell in your body, preconceived
just to drown in the sweat of His lifeline?